Our neurology department diagnoses, treats and cares for patients with a wide variety of neurological disorders.

This includes conditions which affect the brain, spine, nerves and muscles, such as Huntington’s disease and multiple system atrophy, as well as illnesses like motor neurone disease and multiple sclerosis.

Our team of consultant neurologists and specialist nurses work closely with colleagues from across the hospital to deliver joined-up care specially tailored to each individual’s needs. Many of our patients have degenerative conditions which will get worse over time, which means they will need long-term care and regular monitoring in our outpatient clinics. If you are referred to us, our team will also recommend therapies and treatments to help you manage your condition and its symptoms as successfully as possible, in turn helping you to enjoy a good quality of life.

As well as caring for people with long-term conditions, our neurologists also help to manage emergency patients, such as those who have had a stroke or head injury, to ensure they receive specialist tests and treatment as quickly as possible. Working alongside colleagues at the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), the department also plays an important role in research work to help advance treatment and care for neurology patients across the country.